Fiction films are the kind of work we love the most. Helping to the story and bringing the idea from creators to the audience in a best way is our main concern. We always start collaborating in the beginning, when only the script is there. Shaping the look, colour and image starts very early and with us being there for the whole process gives all film crews courage to go to the extreme and always see what to expect on the big screens. We have collaborated on many internationally awarded features and short films, TV series and other fiction content over the years. 

Don't forget to breathe
Feature film by Martin Turk, production Bela film
Short film by Katarina - Kukla Rešek, production A Atalanta
Last year as a looser
Feature film by Urša Menart, production Vertigo
Feature film by Janez Burger, production Stara-gara
Nočno življenje
Feature film by Damjan Kozole, production Vertigo
Shanghai Gypsy


Colour is emotion, it tells a story. We help you reach the audience with all the emotion it needs. Sometimes it wants to scream, other times it just whispers in the background. Let us help you find the right tone for your project and let's together tell the story. "Tons" of clients and brands have trusted us in the past like Milka, Mercedes, Hyundai, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Kia, Spar, Hofer/Aldi and many more.

Big Bang
Direcotr: Mark Pirc, DP: Dominik Istenič
Agency: Prostop
Telemach - Fixed services
Poli Protector
Colour reel

Colour suite

NuFrame’s digital intermediate suite is equipped with fast and reliable custom build hardware system capable of grinding all popular cameras and recording formats. Critical reviewing of Clients beautiful images is done on calibrated 4,5 m projection screen with surround sound system, 50′′ professional plasma display and 31” 4K Eizo display, capable of working in digital cinema, stereoscopic, HDTV standards. Last second editorial changes, adding VFX shots and reviewing project progress is done in fluent workflow between grading, editorial, VFX and sound, all our in house our with third party vendors.

Senior colourist Teo Rižnar is in business pushing the colours since 2007. As communicative and social person he is always happy to meet new faces. Even if not meeting and working in person, nowadays he works with lots of clients around the globe just via the internet. Often, he likes to get ahead of post and start working on the look at the early stages of pre-production, to help creatives achieve the best resolute for the final look and feel of the image. Creating a Show Look became a passion for him, he collaborates with many other post houses and people in industry as a creator of a look for directors story. He had worked with most of the top people in the film industry around the region. Commercial clients and brands include Milka, Hyundai, Mercedes, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Kia, Spar, Hofer, etc. Numerous projects were awarded on a variety of international film festivals true the world (Karlovy Vary, Venice, Toronto, Slovenia… ). Knowing the detailed technical procedures of nowadays cameras and creative techniques, are his expertise to achieve the best possible creative result, pleasing for the client and final viewers.