Every project can be done in several different ways, so it is necessary to have a step by step incremental process and adapt to the wishes of the client. With over 13 years experience we've learned how to balance requirements, budget and time to create the best possible results for the best value. Here are some examples.

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Telekom Slovenije
Ljubljanske mlekarne + OKS
Super Ilka
Ljubljanske Mlekarne
Veseli Valovi
zavarovalnica Vzajemna
Laško Zlatorog 00
pivovarna Laško
Journey Jake
Tricky Tribe
Neo - universe
Telekom Slovenije
Modri Fon
Telekom Slovenije


Colour is emotion, it tells a story. We help you emotionally connect with your audience. Sometimes it wants to scream, other times it just whispers in the background. Let us help you find the right tone for your project and let's tell a story together. Speak to us about colour as early as possible in your projects. We love helping clients develop a complete approach to colour for their projects, creatively and technically.

Don't forget to breathe
Feature film by Martin Turk, production Bela film
Short film by Katarina - Kukla Rešek, production A Atalanta
Last year as a looser
Feature film by Urša Menart, production Vertigo
Feature film by Janez Burger, production Stara-gara
Nočno življenje
Feature film by Damjan Kozole, production Vertigo
Shanghai Gypsy
Big Bang
Direcotr: Mark Pirc, DP: Dominik Istenič
Agency: Prostop
Telemach - Fixed services
Colour reel
Grading Suite


NuFrame was founded in 2007 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and has since then become one of the key postproduction players in the region. Motivated by pushing the boundaries in animation and motion communication, we are creating groundbreaking work. Young and professional team of content creators and content treaters is always looking forward to make something new and advanced. Our skills and expertise therefore exceed just computer generated imagery, animation, colour grading and visual effects. We provide diverse creative and execution solutions for different clients. On daily basis we support and cooperate with wide range of advertising agencies, production houses and individual artists. Our work has received national and international recognition.
Title sequence for film Brat Bratu (Brother to a Brother) was chosen among 20 best titles by Art of the title, and was presented on exhibition Graphic Design – Now in Production in New York. Project was covered also in IDN magazine. Our featured project Mobi imagination was recently presented in 3D World magazine. In addition several film projects on which we collaborated received international film awards.
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One of our great passions is games. Over the years we have created many concepts and prototypes but only a few saw the production stage. We focus on making games that make players smarter, not dumber.

PLOCKIT is a game of deceptive simplicity and countless hours of delicious problem-solving.
Tap Tap Talk
Tap Tap Talk is a learning app designed to make you pause, reflect, and speak. Tap, Match, Learn!
Max Morrison
Max Morrison is first app combining augmented reality and social platform. App lets you spray virtual graffiti on every real life wall.
Woodland Garden
in production...