NuFrame | The Breath Holder

The Breath Holder


Children have limited opportunities to influence the choices their parents make. Whereas parents have every opportunity to make the right choice for their children’s wellbeing. When a parent smokes in the presence of their children it’s important to remember that every cigarette the parent smokes, the child also smokes. Cigarette smoke at home is a completely unstoppable opponent. Tobacco smoke particles find their way from room to room and increase the child’s risk of disease significantly.

Ash Babies campaign and The Breath Holder film has been planned and produced by Havas Worldwide Helsinki. Film production was done by Studio Arkadena & Sauna International.

Client: Cancer Society of Finland
Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide Helsinki
Production Company: Studio Arkadena
Director: Mikko @ Sauna International
Postproduction: Matjaz Kocjan / Studio Arkadena
Colourist: NuFrame, Teo Rižnar
Sound design:
Music: Accu “Rock”