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Baby Love


A mother can be her baby’s worst enemy. Recent research shows Finland to be the best country to be a mother. Still 15% of the expectant mothers in Finland smoke cigarettes. The situation is even worse among teenage mothers, out of whom 50% smoke during pregnancy. There are almost 10,000 ash babies born in Finland every year. The campaign aims to challenge the attitudes and beliefs around smoking during pregnancy, and encourage mothers to quit.

Ash Babies campaign and Baby Love film has been planned and produced by Havas Worldwide Helsinki. Film production was done by Studio Arkadena & Sauna International.

Client: Cancer Society of Finland
Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide Helsinki
Production Company: Studio Arkadena
Director: Mikko @ Sauna International
Director’s Producer: Kojo Abban
DoP: David Grehn
Editor: Miika Vaso
Associate creative/director: Nalle Sjöblad
Line producer: Urska Vardijan
Production manager: Tina Pungartnik
Set designer / Art director: Spela Kropusek
Sylist: Katja Hrobat
Postproduction: Matjaz Kocjan / Studio Arkadena
Colorist: NuFrame, Teo Rižnar
Composer: Timo Kaukolampi
Sound design: Matjaz Moraus Zdesar