NuFrame | A Man with a Raven

A Man with a Raven


TV documentary portrait. A Man with a Raven tells a story of Jože Tisnikar, in whom a daily routine of an autopsy assistant intertwines with sensibility and genious of a painter.

»It seems to me that I have seen a lot of things which in reality I never have. That I have travelled the countries where I have never been, and that I have lived my own and other lives. If I had not been born before, some knowledge and experience of the dead must have passed into me.« Jože Tisnikar
A Man with a Raven (2012) – a documentary portrait of a famous Slovenian painter – gained a lot of  media and TV audience attention for its distinctive and precise narration and visual style. It was financed by Ministry of Culture and made in cooperation with the producing company Staragara and European Capital of Culture 2012. For our production company it was a milestone – it marked our first step into producing films. A Man with a Raven was broadcasted in Slovenia (RTVSLO) and Italy (RAI).
Written and directed by: Sonja Prosenc
Cinematographer: Mitja Ličen, ZFS
Tisnikar’s impersonation and production designer: Vasja Kokelj
Editing: Miloš Kalusek
Sound: Boštjan Kačičnik Kačo
Music: Damir Avdić
Make-up artist: Lija IvančičProduction company: Staragara
Co-production: Monoo, RTV SLO, NuFrame, Maribor 2012