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A Fight For


The Story Of The 99%

A month after the Wall Street occupation, a number of protesters follow their example and set up their tents in front of the Ljubljana stock market. The protesters are united in the critique of representative democracy and global financial capitalism under the slogan ‘nobody represents us’. Their organisation is based on the principles of direct democracy.

Written and directed by Siniša Gačić
Editing: Zlatjan Čučkov
Camera: Siniša Gačić, Jan Perovšek, Jakob Weidner, Maksimilijan Sušnik
Music composer: Damir Avdić
Color grading: Teo Rižnar
Sound design: Boštjan Kačičnik
Graphic design: Jure Engelsberg
Translation and adaptation: Polona Mertelj
Production: Miha Černec, Anja Vrdlovec
Supported by Slovenian film center
in co-production with NuFrame
Production Tramal Films
All rights reserved copyright Tramal Films 2014