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Donald Trump – Golden Dump

Klemen Slakonja as Donald Trump #TheMockingbirdMan project Download on iTunes: NuFrame colourist: Teo Rižnar Lyrics: Klemen Slakonja Music: Klemen Slakonja & Pier (Petar Bajan) Trumpet: Igor Matkovič Strings: Martin Bezjak Music production: Pier (Petar Bajan), Klemen Slakonja Mastering: Martin Bezjak Screenwriters: Klemen Slakonja, Miha Knific...

Gramatik – Brave Men

The tale was inspired from human nature and set in an undefined place and time – illustrating how nothing is ever what it seems and that we all have our secrets. It is a story about strong women and the cowardly men who don’t deserve...

Rambo Amadeus – Euro Neuro

Rambo Amadeus represented Montenegro at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Euro Neuro Production: Mapa, Radmila Vojnović Cast: Rambo Amadeus, magarac Anči Director: Miha Knific DOP: Aleksandar Pavlović, Aljoša Korenčan Colourist: Teo Rižnar