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Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, NuFrame was founded in 2008 and has since then become one of the key postproduction players in the region. Motivated by pushing the boundaries in animation and motion communication, we are creating groundbreaking work for film, tv, web, apps, games and print. Young and professional team of content creators and content treaters is always looking forward to make something new and advanced. Our skills and expertise therefore exceed just computer generated imagery, animation, colour grading and visual effects. We provide diverse creative and execution solutions for different clients. Our team is working with latest software and hardware packages and in house tools including digital cinema colour grading suite and all supporting editorial, archiving, dalies and on set solutions. Visual effects supervisors are also working on stereoscopic and other shootings, and are available for a “quick call” for productions. If necessary we collaborate with freelancers and studios to get the best result.
On daily basis we support and cooperate with wide range of advertising agencies, production houses and individual artists. Our work has received national and international recognition. Title sequence for film Brat Bratu (Brother to a Brother) was chosen among 20 best titles by Art of the title, and was presented on exhibition Graphic Design – Now in Production in New York. Project was covered also in IDN magazine. Our featured project Mobi imagination was recently presented in 3D World magazine. In addition several film project on which we collaborated received film awards.

NuFrame d.o.o.

Ziherlova 2, Ljubljana
VAT ID: SI37613294

Žiga Pokorn
+386 41 979 229
Director, VFX supervisor, founder

Teo Rižnar
+386 41 206 128
Colourist, VFX supervisor, founder

Blaž Slivnik
+386 40 565 335
Artist, lighting, founder

Core creative software includes big high-end industry tools. You can find us digging in all of the tools best for beautiful frames done, fast and high quality.


Autodesk Maya


The Foundry NukeX


Side Effects Houdini


DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve