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Super Ilka

Oglas za Alpsko mleko z animiranim likom Ilke Štuhec Naročnik: Ljubljanske mlekarne Agencija: SportMediaFocus Režija: Žiga Pokorn Art director: Blaž Slivnik Aimacija: Žan Flaker Berce, Samo Homšak Compositing: Luka Kastelic, Miha Rainer, Luka Drobnič Simulacija: Miha Rainer, Jan Horvat Kolorist: Teo Rižnar Obdelava zvoka: Boštjan...


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Motivated by pushing the boundaries in animation and motion communication, we are creating groundbreaking work for film, tv, web, apps, games and print. Experienced and professional team of content creators and content treaters is always looking forward to make something new and advanced. Our skills and expertise therefore exceed just computer generated imagery, animation, colour grading and visual effects.

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A1 Archer

Agency: Grey Ljubljana Produced: Miha Brodarič, assist: Dan Mrevlje Co-directed: Matic Zavodnik, Žiga Pokorn. Miha Brodarič DOP: Matic Zavodnik, assist: Anže Koron, Rok Bergelez Cast: Sonja Tomić, Dan Adlešič, Estera Lovrec, Ana Lucija Šarič NuFrame colourist: Teo Rižnar NuFrame VFX: Miha Rainer, Žiga Pokorn, Luka...


Director Janez Burger's feature film / DI colourist: Teo Rižnar

The Tree

The Tree A debut feature by Sonja Prosenc Told from three points of view, this riveting family tragedy is the acclaimed feature debut from director Sonja Prosenc. A mother and her two sons live cloistered in their own home. But what is it about the...